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John is the proud owner of OscilloscopePros.com and our Editor-in-Chief. With years of experience in the field of electronics and a deep understanding of oscilloscopes, he founded this website to share his knowledge and expertise with fellow enthusiasts and professionals.


With over 10 years of experience, John has built his skills and insights in the field of electronics. His journey began with a curiosity for understanding the intricate workings of electronic devices. His hands-on experience with various types of oscilloscopes, together with his ability to simplify complex concepts, has made his reputation as a trusted source in the field.


John’s expertise is in his understanding of oscilloscopes – from their fundamental principles to their advanced functionalities. His ability to decipher waveforms and diagnose electronic issues is on the next level. This expertise has been the cornerstone of his goal to educate and help others in navigating the world of oscilloscopes. His blog articles, in-depth tutorials, and unbiased reviews on OscilloscopePros.com show his commitment to creating a community of knowledgeable and skilled oscilloscope enthusiasts.


John’s educational journey was a strong foundation for creating this website. He holds an Electronic Engineering degree from New York University, where he got a deep passion for electronics and continuous learning. Throughout his academic years, he loved participating in extracurricular activities related to electronics clubs and projects using oscilloscopes. This combination of formal education and practical involvement laid the groundwork for his expertise and leadership in the electronics industry.

A Message from John:

“Where others see waves, I see opportunities – all thanks to the magic of oscilloscopes.”