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Garrett is our automotive scan tools expert. With a big passion for vehicles and mechanical engineering, Garrett is in charge of reviewing and discussing the best automotive scan tools and oscilloscopes available on the market.


His journey in the world of automotive diagnostics began as a young gearhead, tinkering with engines and tirelessly working to understand the intricacies of automobiles. Over the years, he has built his skills and gained a lot of experience in the automotive industry. His hands-on experience with various scan tools and automotive oscilloscopes has made him to become our trusted authority in the field.


Garrett’s expertise is in his understanding of automotive scan tools and oscilloscopes, from their basic functionalities to their advanced capabilities. He is the best at deciphering diagnostic data, pinpointing issues, and recommending the most effective solutions. His dedication to simplifying complex technical concepts helps both automotive enthusiasts and professionals.


He holds a degree in Automotive Engineering from Farmingdale State College (NY). Throughout his academic journey, he loved to participate in automotive clubs and research projects, consistently demonstrating his commitment to advancing automotive diagnostics.

A Message from Garrett:

“Ever play detective with your car? Automotive scan tools are your trusty magnifying glass.”