Best Automotive Oscilloscopes (2023 Buying Guide)

best automotive oscilloscope

What Is An Automotive Oscilloscope?

An automotive oscilloscope is a tool used to display the frequency of an electrical signal. It’s also called a waveform monitor, wave analyzer, or spectrum analyzer.

The automotive oscilloscope can be used to trace signals from vehicle wiring and component parts. It can also be used to troubleshoot electrical systems during repair and maintenance.
It may look like an oscilloscope, but it’s actually much different.

An automotive oscilloscope is specifically designed for the purpose of measuring the frequency of an electrical signal in the automotive industry.

It displays waveforms as they are being traced across its vertical scale while showing their amplitude. This allows you to take precise measurements of signals, identify problems when they occur, and fix them before they escalate into costly issues.

What Is The Best Automotive Oscilloscope?

This doubt is very common for those who work in the automotive area because of experience in the main automotive workshops have recommended using the four-channel oscilloscope or more. Since with more available channels, they are much more exact.

Best Automotive Oscilloscope Brands

When it comes to automotive oscilloscopes, there are many different brands out there to choose from. Because of this, it can be a bit difficult to know which ones are the best. In order to help you make an informed decision, we have taken a closer look at some of the top automotive oscilloscope brands.


Hantek automotive oscilloscope

It should be noted that this is one of the most recognized brands for the use of oscilloscopes, this type of device is available in several models, including:

  • Process calibrator HT824
  • iDSO 1070 Series
  • Hantek 6000BC
  • HSA 2030 Series
  • PS O 2020
  • DSO 8000 E series
  • MSO 7000 B
  • HDG 2000 B


OTC automotive oscilloscope

This type of oscilloscope has the ability to be able to differentiate two signals at the same time thanks to its two channels of great accuracy, being this type one of the best and newest existing in the automotive market, one of its particulars is that it works with a frequency 25 MHz.

Additionally, the OTC oscilloscope brings an option called Perception OTC or what is the same fault capture with its own button, which is an intelligent application that is used to detect a normal and an unusual signal, records these moments, and performs an accurate analysis to be able to solve the problem detected.

Components of the OTC Automotive Oscilloscope

  • 2 channels are available with their respective cables.
  • Graphic multimeter
  • Database for vehicles of specific brands
  • Web updates
  • 110-volt adapter
  • Probes
  • Second ignition clamp







Types Of Automotive Oscilloscopes


The latter work directly with an applied signal, and this, amplified, deflects a beam of electrons vertically, proportional to its value. In a cathode ray tube comes the electron beam generated by the cathode and accelerated by the anode.


Digital oscilloscopes are the ones that are currently replacing analog ones, thanks to their quick sampling, more accurate results automatically, advanced calculations, and can also be used to measure voltage signals.

These types of oscilloscopes have advantages and disadvantages, for example, the analog is preferably favorable when you want to observe in real time the rapid changes of the input signal, while the digital is ideal if you want to analyze non-periodic events such as peaks of tension that originate at random.

Parts of an oscilloscope

Either of the two types of oscilloscope, its parts are as follows:

– Amplifier for vertical signal
– Amplifier for horizontal signal
– Power supply
– Time base
– Synchronism system

Spectrum analyzer

It is used to visualize the frequency and dimension of an electromagnetic wave through a screen where it details the spectral elements in a frequency span, whatever the type of wave, among them: acoustic, optical, and electrical.

On the other hand, spectrum analysis is the process by which the different intensities of a specific frequency are studied more precisely and in detail, that is, it studies each part in a profound way and that any wave is impossible at first sight.

Automotive oscilloscopes for laptops

They are more comfortable, and lighter and you can connect them to the USB port of your computer and with previously installed software, it can work perfectly in the same way as large oscilloscopes.

How To Connect An Automotive Oscilloscope?

  • Before turning it on, you must ensure that the intensity control is low.
  • Now, turn it on
  • Wait for the tube to warm up to start working
  • Increase the intensity control until a not-very-bright horizontal line appears
  • Adjust the focus control until a very thin line appears
  • Connect the probe to the input of channel one (CH1)
  • Plug the probe tip into the outlet (CAL)
  • Configure the time scale and amplitude controls for CH1 until a square probe appears that occupies most of the screen, and at least one full cycle is visible.
  • Disconnect the probe tip from the square wave output
  • After doing these procedures, the oscilloscope is now ready to be used.


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